Green Life Group Personalised Customer Portal

GLG partnered with Katalyst to develop a personalised customer portal and differentiate itself in the market

GreenLife Group (GLG) was established in 1995 and has developed a national reputation as a specialist in the commercial sector for landscape construction, maintenance and project management services. GLG partnered with Katalyst Interactive to develop a scalable digital customer portal that can be personalised to the needs of each customer. Through innovation and personalisation of service, GLG is leading it’s industry and continues to partner with Katalyst to enhance its digital capability.

The Challenge 

As part of their service, GLG provides service level reporting through an online customer portal. Their customer base of commercial organisations, many from different industries around Australia, are bound by different rules and regulations that vary by industry and location. To provide the high level of service offered by GLG, each portal was designed to suit the customer’s unique workflow. The success and growth of GLG resulted in increasing development costs as each portal was built separately and required engaging an external development company. 

GLG’s leadership team identified it was outgrowing their existing customer portal platform and so, in pursuit of their company vision, they decided to reimagine the customer portal. Their objective; To provide a quality information platform that enables GLG to differentiate itself in the market.

The Solution

To build their next generation customer portal, GLG partnered with Katalyst Interactive, who are specialists in the design and development of built-for-purpose systems using Agile methodologies.

For this project, an Agile Scrum methodology was best suited to work with complex and changing requirements. Scrum focuses on quickly building the priority site features in short iterations (sprints), using continuous user testing for feedback, and improving the features through learning and enhancement cycles. 

Building on existing functionality

GLG wanted the new platform to retain the functionality of the existing portals and leverage what was already working. The new platform was developed to not only offer the existing reporting capabilities customers were familiar with, but added data visualisation dashboards that provide customers new insights and information.

Designed for privacy and secure against threats

The platform needed to efficiently manage large volumes of customer data in each portal, as well as adherence to privacy laws, and information security to protect commercially sensitive data. The design implemented two-factor authentication, user access monitoring and reporting, extensive access permissions model including data export permissions, and auditing logs throughout the system.

A personalised customer experience

Focused on the customer experience, GLG wanted to personalise each portal to suit its customers individual needs. As a national company serving different industries, their customers around the country use different terminology. The new platform can be configured to display data with localised terminology relevant to each customer and industry. New portals also provided customisable reporting, basic workflows, improved security and auditing, and portal branding capability.

Katalyst built extensible customisation capability throughout the platform that is both scalable and simple to use. This powerful feature allows GLG to personalise each individual portal to suit their customer's exact needs and provide information relevant to the customer location and industry.

Scalability with the click of a button - no techies required

The ability for non-technical users to create new customer portals allows GLG to rapidly onboard new clients faster, and keep overhead costs down. This design allows GLG the confidence to grow their client base without concern of system scalability. GLG no longer needs to employ software developers to create new portals.

Customer insights through dashboards

The new customer portal provides each GLG customer with dashboards to visualise and understand service information. Customers can quickly view the status of service engagements and use this insight to make decisions. The entire platform is designed to work on handheld devices so customers can review their dashboards in the office, out in the field, and remote locations

The Outcome

Following the launch of their new customer portal, GLG successfully signed one of their largest contracts and was able to offer a new portal personalised to their client needs. The company has since created several new portals, each without the need to hire a software development team.

GLG have continued to work with Katalyst Interactive to further enhance the capability of the portal as well as developing new digital solutions.